Some of the most pivotal moments in your career come when you have to take stock of both how far you’ve come, and how much you still want to accomplish and make key decisions with both of those perspectives in mind. That’s why I’m glad to have the support of the entire team at Magnolia Medical Technologies, as we move forward with our decision to protect our intellectual property and pursue our patent infringement action against Kurin, Inc. You can read more about the case here.

When I co-founded Magnolia in 2008 with Dr. Richard Patton, I could never have predicted exactly where we’d be more than a decade later. I felt honored to be working with Dr. Patton, benefitting from his 40 years of experience as a board-certified pathologist and member of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Laboratory Accreditation Committee. 

Since that time, we have invested significant time along with personal and company resources into creating, developing, and bringing to market our evidence-based technology platform that improves sepsis testing accuracy, never losing sight of our focus to drive improved patient safety and reduce hospital costs. Today, I’m incredibly proud of what we have accomplished with the novel and innovative Initial Specimen Diversion Device® (ISDD®) for blood culture collection and contamination reduction now in its second generation, Steripath Gen2.  Steripath has made a significant impact on reducing patients’ risk of sepsis misdiagnosis and the associated unnecessary use of antibiotics, all while enabling reduction in unnecessary extended length of hospital stay.

It’s this commitment to sustained, focused innovation that has led Magnolia to assert four patents in a patent enforcement action against Kurin, Inc. Simply put, Magnolia is asking the Federal court to enforce and protect our intellectual property.

Here are some important facts:

  1. The “Kurin Lock,” a product from Kurin, Inc., infringes Magnolia patents by using foundational technology invented and developed by Magnolia.
  2. The amended complaint demands that Kurin cease infringement of four Magnolia patents, and respect the investments made by Magnolia to create, develop, and bring to market its ground-breaking and evidence-based technology. 
  3. Magnolia is seeking damages and a permanent injunction barring Kurin from making, using, selling, or offering for sale the Kurin Lock devices.
  4. Steripath has demonstrated sustained reduction in blood culture contamination and reduced hospital costs in two controlled clinical studies and one cost-effectiveness study published in leading peer-reviewed medical journals, along with eight clinical abstracts presented at the major national medical society conferences. 
  5. Despite the unfortunate distraction created by Kurin’s infringement of Magnolia patents, Magnolia remains committed to continuing to invest in its longstanding spirit of innovation and mission to decrease patient risk and reduce hospital costs.

We look forward to a swift resolution of this case. Our drive to make a difference for patients and hospitals through continued medical and technological innovation is as strong as ever, and we’re excited about the future of our company. There will be more news to come, but for now, thanks to everyone who has shown interest in and continues to support the critically important work we do for patients at Magnolia.

-Greg Bullington, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Magnolia Medical Technologies